Americas Marketing Velocity Virtual Broadcast - 12012020

Based on Marcus Sheridan's three key experience priorities, please share if you are implementing any of these into your company's current website experience. 
Your survey completion will enter you into a drawing to win 1 of 25 books "The Visual Sale" authored by Marcus Sheridan. 
This survey will remain open until December 17, 2020.

Does your company website have the ability for your customer to schedule appointments with your sales team (self-scheduling)?  
    Does your customers have the ability on your company website to answer a series of questions to receive a customize solution or product to fit their needs (self-selection)?
Does your company provide dynamic pricing to customers who've self selected based on their customize solution (self-pricing)?
Thank you for participating in this survey.  Would you like to be considered for our sweepstakes (1 of 25 partner contacts to receive Marcus Sheridan's new book: The Visual Sale.)

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