2021 IT Blog Awards Official Voting Form

Welcome to the 2021 IT Blog Awards official voting ballot.  The #ITBlogAwards aims to recognize the broader community of IT bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers.  We are thrilled to have had so many talented content creators participate!

You will find the finalists listed below for our two main categories: 1) Blogs, and 2) Podcasts and Videos. Please select your top blogs in each category - up to 5.   If you're selecting more than one, please assign them a rating.  1 = First Choice, 2 = Second Choice.. etc.

As you're reviewing your options, please consider what makes a great blog / podcast / vlog. A few things to consider: 

  • Value: Do the majority of blog posts, podcast episodes or video sessions provide value? Is the information or perspective unique? Can you see yourself sharing this content as a great resource?
  • Credibility: Does the author (or authors) present their topic in depth? Are the arguments well supported? Is it well written or produced well?
  • Consistency: Does the author have a (mostly) consistent cadence or are there occasional "hit-and-runs"? Do you know what you're getting into when you click on a link?

Thank you for your vote! 
Blogs!  Pick your top blogs (up to 5).  If you pick more than one, please add a rank.  1 = first choice.  2 = second choice, etc.
Podcasts & Vlogs!  Pick your top podcasts & vlogs (up to 5).   If you pick more than one, please add a rank.  1 = first choice.  2 = second choice, etc.
Please prove you're not a robot OR that your programmer was exceptional. Please order the answers below (drag to the right) to apply to the following questions: 25^0.5 = ? | 2^2 = ? | 2+1 = ? | 8/4  = ? |  1^3 = ? 
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