IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco.... Year 2!

Last year we held the first IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco. With your help, we were able to uncover seven best-in-class blogs.  As we ramp up to launch this year’s IT Blog Awards, we wanted to open it you to you, our tech community, to help weigh in and shape what’s to come. Specifically, we'd like your thoughts on what categories, prizes and perks you'd like to see.

As a reminder, blogs (and podcasts, video series, etc.) were judged on the previous year's full body of work (not on any one post) and bloggers were asked to pick the category their blog fit best.  

Please think about this in terms of honoring your favorite bloggers - the point of the IT Blog Awards is to celebrate some of the great contributions folks have made to the community over the last year.  How should we do that?

Thank you!

1. What do you think about last year's categories?
What categories should we bring back this year?  Which categories would you modify?  Are there any other categories you'd like to see?
DescriptionsShould we have this category again this year?
Best Analysis
Best Cert Study Journey
Best Group Effort 
Best Podcast or Video Series
Most Educational
Most Entertaining
Most Inspirational
2. Comments or suggestions on the categories? What other categories would you like to see?  Why?
3. Last year, our winners received a full conference pass to Cisco Live.  Would you like to see this continued into the 2019 IT Blog Awards? What else would make a cool prize?
4. If you were a winner, what other perks or prizes would you like to receive?
The 2018 winners received a digital badge, a customized jacket, stickers, and recognition at Cisco Live in addition to their full pass to Cisco Live.
5. Anything else you'd like to share?
6. OPTIONAL: We're curious who is giving feedback - but it is NOT required for this survey
7. Want to receive an email when the IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco opens for submissions in mid-September?
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