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2020 IT Blog Awards Finalists Voting!

Welcome! Below you will find finalists for each of the categories in the IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco (#ITBlogAwards). The goal of the IT Blog Awards is to recognize the broader community of IT bloggers and we're thrilled to have had so many talented bloggers participate.  We reviewed each blog based on content value, credibility, design, and the fit with the categories each blogger chose.

 As you're reviewing these please think in terms of what makes a great blog. A few things to consider:

  • Value – Do the majority of posts (or podcast episodes or videos) provide value? Is the information or perspective unique? Can you see yourself sharing this blog (or podcast or video) as a great resource?
  • Credibility – Does the author (or authors) present their topic in depth? Are arguments well supported?  Is it well written?
  • Consistency – Does the author have a (mostly) consistent cadence or are there occasional hit-and-runs? Do you know what you’re getting into when you click on a link? 

Please consider each of the blogs, enjoy discovering some new ones, and congratulate our finalists!
Best Analysis - Does this blog provide insightful discussions?
Best Cert Study Journey - Provides useful insights into the need-to-knows throughout a certification study journey.
Best Newcomer - A great new blog / podcast / etc. started in the last(ish) year.
Best Podcast or Video Series - Best in content and creativity delivered in the format of videos or podcasts.
Most Educational  - Shares great tips, tricks, or how-to’s to help you learn something new or further your understanding on a topic. 
Most Inspirational  - Inspires the reader to think differently or view something in a creative way. Makes you want to roll your sleeves up and jump into your network.
Please prove you're not a robot OR that your programmer was exceptional. Please order the answers below (drag to the right) to apply to the following questions: 1 x 1 = ? | 4^0.5 = ? | 12 / 2 = ? | 2^3 x 3  = ? |  60+60 = ?   (hint - factorials)
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