Cisco Champions 2019 Application

The Cisco Champion program nurtures a network of people who are passionate about Cisco and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across their communities and with Cisco.The Cisco Champion program is a global program that encompasses different areas of interests and provides a variety of opportunities for Champions to engage such as pre-briefings, beta tests, message testing, blogging club, podcast creation, and much more!

To learn more, check out the FAQ or ask a Cisco Champion about their experiences. Just tweet #CiscoChampion.
Please note: Sadly, we can't accept Cisco or government employees. 

Please tell us a little about you
Company / Organization Information
What is your company's or organization's relationship to Cisco?
How many employees are at your company / organization?
What is your primary area of expertise?
What other interests do you have?
Do you belong to any other programs at Cisco?
Do you belong to any other programs with other companies? Other professional associations you're involved with? (Such as Microsoft MVP, vExperts, Veeam Vanguard, etc.)
Do you have any Cisco or other certifications? If so, which ones?
Are you a current or former Cisco Champion?   (Pick all years you have been in the program if it applies)
Why do you want to be part of the program?
How do you feel you can contribute and add value to the Cisco Champions program as a member? 
Tell us about your career so far. (Please don't just paste in your LinkedIn info. We want to *know* you)
Tell us something interesting about you.
Please share how we can get to know you online
Anything else you'd like to share?
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