Network Customer Survey

1. Which area best describes the area where you are located?
2. What size is your company?
3. Which best describes your role?
4. What Industry Best Describes your Company?
5. What Network Access Solution (Wired – Wireless) did you have prior to your latest Cisco solution? (Pick up to 3 in prioritized order 1,2,3…)
Cisco Enterprise
Cisco Cloud (Meraki)
Juniper / Trapeze
Motorola / Zebra
Meru / Fortinet
6. What solutions did you evaluate prior to choosing your latest Cisco solution?
7. Why did you move to this Cisco solution? (Top 3 reasons, in order of priority 1,2,3…)
Part of budgetary or planned refresh cycle
Support new devices (BYOD, CYOD, Guest)
Compliance requirement for refresh
Product End of life / Product End of service
Needed to increase network capacity or performance
Needed new functionality not available in previous solution
New business initiative requirement (workplace optimization, location services)
8. What Cisco Solution Did You Chose?
9 (a) If you chose Cisco Enterprise (On-Premise) as a solution, tell us why: (Prioritize up to 3):
We made an operational decision to keep strategic applications in our data center (including management infrastructure)
Technical support services
Trust issues with Cloud compliance
Cisco industry leading hardware innovation / feature set
9 (b) If you chose Cisco Cloud (Meraki) as a solution, tell us why (Prioritize up to 3) :
Technical support services
Complexity of an on-prem solution
We made an operational choice to migrate strategic applications to the Cloud
Cisco industry leading Cloud Management
10 (a) If you chose Cisco Enterprise (On-Premise) as a solution, do you have any plans to migrate to Cloud-managed?
10 (b) If you chose Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed, do you foresee the need to also leverage the Cisco Enterprise (On-Premise) solution?
11. If you had to choose between Cisco Enterprise (On-Premise) and Cisco Cloud (Meraki), which do you favor?
12. If you had to choose between Cisco Enterprise (On-Premise) and Cisco Cloud (Meraki), what would be the deciding factor?
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