Cisco Champions 2021 Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Cisco Champion - Cisco's premier program for engaging and nurturing a community of technical influencers. Cisco Champions are passionate about technology and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise and thoughts across their communities and with Cisco.

As a Cisco Champion, you’ll:

  • Get early insight to new Cisco products and solutions and access to Cisco’s engineering rock stars
  • Expand your own network of technology enthusiasts. This year, we had Champions from 50 countries covering all architectures across the Cisco ecosystem
  • Provide feedback on Cisco products and solutions (good, bad, anything else) through beta testing, message testing, focus groups, and our Webex Teams spaces
  • Receive “white glove” treatment at Cisco Live with special keynote seating, whisper suite access, behind the scenes tours, etc. - whenever they return to in-person
  • Hone your blogging and podcasting skills through Cisco Champion Radio

Apply today. If you still have questions – ask us on Twitter (@CiscoChampion) or ask a Cisco Champion. Just tweet #CiscoChampion.


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Cisco Designed for Small Business: Are you at a small business or work with small businesses?  Would you be interested in a pilot program within the Cisco Champions program?  

Programs & Certifications

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Champion Experiences

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What are the top five activities you'd like to participate in as a Cisco Champion?
(Note: We don't expect a lot out of Champions, we know you have jobs and families and lives, but we do expect about an hour a week of engagement)
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