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Instructions: Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to provide us with the following information. Your feedback will help us plan a robust Zero Trust Access Network (ZTNA) solution. All information provided will be kept confidential. Please complete and submit the survey by Friday, Nov 19, 2021.  If you have any problems or questions, please contact Punam Nagpal (

Contact and Company Information

How many users does your company have?
What total number of office sites/ branches does your company have?
Where are your remote sites located?
Select all that apply
What Cisco/Non-Cisco products do you use?
Select all that apply
What is the percentage distribution of below applications used in your organization?
TopicsLess than 10 %10-25 %25-50 %50-75 %More than 75 %
On premise hosted business applications
IaaS (AWS/Azure, etc) hosted business applications
SaaS Applications (O365, Gsuite, etc)
Other Applications
How do you provide remote access for employees with BYOD and 3rd party contractors to your internal business applications?
Select all that apply
What are the critical security controls in your remote access solution?
Select all that apply
Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is providing least privileged access to your internal resources through continuous authentication and authorization. Which user scenarios do you think will benefit from ZTNA policies? Choose all applicable
Select all that apply
Which service package option would you prefer in enabling browser- based zero trust access solution for your users?
Select all that apply
Where are you in your ZTNA journey?
Select all that apply
  How would you prioritize below applications in enabling zero-trust policies?
Priority (1 high - 4 low)1234
Premise/DC hosted corporate business web-based applications
IaaS hosted (Azure, AWS, etc) hosted corporate business web-based applications
Premise or IaaS hosted non-web-based business applications
SaaS based business applications (O365, Google docs, etc)
What security controls would you like to enable for remote access users besides user and device authentication and posture? Choose all that apply.
Are you open to meeting with us for a follow up meeting?
100% Complete

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