Hello! There are a bunch of community, social, & networking events happening at EMC World 2015. Please fill out the below to add your content. We'll add the events as we receive & review them (i.e. this is a manual process.)

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For timing, the slightly laborious layout below is due to the input form and needing easy to understand data.  Choose the day, hour, minute, and period in Pacific Daylight Time which is the time for Las Vegas where EMC World is taking place.  As an example, if you were planning a 26.5 hour event Monday 11am - Tuesday 1:30pm, in the first row you'd select [5/4 - Monday, 11, 00, AM] and in the second row you'd select [5/5 - Tuesday, 1, 30, PM].  If your time doesn't fit into this, please select the nearest and make a note in the notes below. 
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