Cisco Data Centre Quick Scan

Take this 5-minute survey and gain insights into your industry peers’ data centre plans. A copy of the consolidated findings of this survey will be provided to you with valuable insights into your industry peers’ data centre plans.

[Note: All questions are mandatory except Question 12 and 13]

1. Please indicate your organisation’s primary type of business at your location.
Aerospace & Defence
BPO/Call Centre
Chemical & Petroleum
Computer Hardware
Computer Software & Services
Consumer Products
Financial Services
Food, Beverage & Tobacco
Hospitality (Hotels & Leisure)
Marketing, PR, Advertising
Media - Broadcast
Media - Print
Media - Online
Media - Entertainment
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Professional & Consulting Services
Property & Construction
Service Provider/Telecommunications
Utilities & Energy

2. Which of these applications currently run through your 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches and routers? Please select all that apply.
IT Security
ERM (Enterprise Resource Management)
Time-Sensitive Applications (e.g. transaction/trading)
Communications (voice, email, IM, etc.)
Web-based conferencing (e.g. WebEx, Go to meetings, etc.)
Video (video surveillance, IPTV, video streaming, video multi-cast, etc.)
None of the above
Don’t know

3. What are the reasons or pain points that are driving deployment or evaluation of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in your organisation? Please select all that apply.
Adoption of business video or similar data-intensive solutions
Reduce network latency
Higher availability of applications
Reduce long-term network-related capital expenses
Reduce long-term network-related operating expenses
Server virtualisation initiative
More efficient utilisation of network resources
Anywhere/anytime access to corporate data
Adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-based application delivery
Adoption of cloud-based storage and/or archiving service
Storage virtualisation initiative
Centralized systems and/or network management
New data centre rollout or expansion of data centre
To comply with changes in network architecture
Don’t know
Do not intend to deploy 10 GE in the next 12 months

4. When deciding to buy or evaluating 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches and routers, how important is each of the following manufacturer characteristics to your organisation’s decision?
Not at all important Not important Somewhat important Important Extremely important
Being an innovator in networking technologies
Having excellent service and technical support
Providing end-to-end solutions – from the core to the edge of the network
Being financially stable
Being positively reviewed or being recommended by industry/financial analysts
Using green practices and/or green materials in their products
Offering products with good value for the price
Having highly reliable products
Offering Next Business Day (NBD) hardware replacement

5. Which, if any, are barriers to 10 Gigabit Ethernet adoption in your organisation? Please select all that apply.
Will require network switch and router upgrade
Internal IT skills to support
Inadequate network infrastructure
Line-of-business requirements/preferences
Lack of management tools
Difficult to build cost-justification for 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Requires organisational change
Too hard to explain to non-technical decision makers
No current business need
Lacks needed performance
Not a scalable solution
Difficult to deploy
Heavily invested in another technology
Is a risky choice to purchase
Don’t know

6. Which of the following statements describe your current role in the brand selection and purchase process for 10 Gigabit network switches or routers in your organisation? Please select all that apply.
Gigabit Ethernet switches and routers in your organisation
Initiate purchase requests
Determine the need for purchase
Determine the capabilities or features needed
Conduct product evaluation
Recommend or specify manufacturers, brands or models
Make the final brand selection decision
Authorize the purchase
Not involved in any aspect of recommending, evaluating, or purchasing this equipment
Don’t know

7. What job roles/functions are on the committee making the final brand selection to purchase 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches and routers in your organisation? Please select all that apply.
CIO or Senior VP of IT/IS
CTO/IT architect
VP or Director of IT operations
Functional IT director (such as servers, storage, networking)
Applications/software development
Server management team
Storage management team
Networking team
Application owners
Data centre management team
Business unit leader/manager
VAR/reseller/systems integrator
IT consultant
Hardware manufacturer such as Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM or others
Don’t know

8. Based on your organisation’s anticipated IT spending in 2009-2010, what are the three most important IT-related projects your organisation will invest in the next 12 months?
Server Virtualisation
Desktop Virtualisation
Unified Communications / IT Telephony
Business Video solutions
Collaborative / Workflow applications
Storage Consolidation
Network security such as intrusion detection, firewalls, etc.
Improving server performance, utilization, and availability
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
Cloud-based storage and/or data archiving
Storage virtualisation
Implement SaaS (Software as a Service) or cloud-based application delivery  Implement energy conservation measures
Rebuild/migrate existing databases
Upgrade/expand networking systems
Don’t Know

9. What is the approximate timeline of these IT-related projects? Please check one only.
Now - 3 Months
4 - 6 Months
7 - 12 Months
Over 12 Months
No Plans To Purchase

10. What is the approximate budget set aside for these IT-related projects? Please check one only.
US$0 - US$999
US$1000 - US$4999
US$5000 - US$14,999
US$15,000 - US$24,999
US$25,000 - US$49,999
US$50,000 - US$99,999
US$100,000 - US$199,999
US$200,000 - US$499,999
US$500,000 - US$1,000,000
Over US$1,000,000
Budget amount not fixed 
Don't know / Not responsible
No budget available

11. Please provide us some basic information about yourself. You will receive consolidated findings of this survey, providing you with valuable insight into your industry peers’ data centre plans.
First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Business Email
Office Tel

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13. I would like to be contacted by a Cisco service representative via email/telephone. Please click all that apply. (Optional)
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