Cisco Security Intelligence Operations Portal Feedback

Cisco® is conducting a survey to best determine how we can provide useful, informative content on the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations ( portal. We value your feedback and would appreciate candid comments on your impressions of the site and how we can improve it.

1. What is your relationship with Cisco? (Choose one.)
Cisco customer
Cisco partner
Cisco employee

2. Approximately how often do you visit security websites, portals, or news feeds for security information or research purposes? (Choose one.)
At least once a day
3-4 times a week
Once a week
Once a month
Very rarely

3. How would you best characterize your security knowledge? (Choose one.)
I presently hold one or more industry certifications (for example, CCIE® or CISSP)
I have significant experience in the design and maintenance of network security
I am responsible for the security of networks and regularly seek out information on trends and events
I am a C-level executive who is accountable for the security of my network

4. Please select the content you would most be interested in on a security portal. (Choose one.)
Best practices or policy-related guidance from security industry leaders
Practical/tactical guidance to securing your organization

5. Please select the categories of information you would most be interested in on a security portal. (Choose up to two.)
Specific threats (vulnerabilities, malware, etc.) and mitigation information
Your security product(s) updates/rulesets (information customized for your environment)
Overall security trends and future outlook

6. Please select the type of security content you are most interested in finding on a security portal. (Choose one.)
Topical-based content, not necessarily associated with an event or threat (such as white papers and annual reports)
Up-to-the-minute content (for example, threat alerts or vulnerability announcements) vulnerability announcements)

7. Please select the delivery format of content you prefer on a security portal. (Choose up to two.)
Written and archived content on the portal itself
Blogs or discussion forums
RSS feeds or other notification services

8. When conducting research on a security issue, which detail(s) do you look for first to determine the level of threat to your infrastructure? (Choose up to two.)
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score or other severity rating
Date of discovery
Date of last update
Affected products

9. We would like you to share candid comments on how the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations portal can be improved upon. Please enter your comments below:

10. Would you be willing to engage in a brief phone conversation with a member of Cisco Security Intelligence Operations to provide further input on how Cisco can make the portal useful for you? If so, please provide your email address below.
Email address:

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